The Evolving Private Military Sector: A Survey

Report Number: NPS-AM-08-012

Series: Acquisition Management

Category: Collaborative Capacity

Report Series: Sponsored Report

Authors: Nicholas Dew, Bryan Hudgens

Title: The Evolving Private Military Sector: A Survey

Published: 2008-08-01

Sponsored By: Acquisition Research Program

Status: Published--Unlimited Distribution

Research Type: NPS Faculty

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Keywords: Private military, organizational demographics


The purpose of this research is to help the US Department of Defense and other government security communities better understand the evolving private military sector. The body of the report consists of three main parts. These describe the organizational demographics of the sector, the capabilities and activities of firms in the sector, and the public firms in the sector, respectively. In the final section, we discuss some possible interpretations of the data for the evolution of the sector.