The Evolving Private Military Sector: A Survey

Report Number: NPS-AM-08-047

Series: Contract Management

Category: Contracting on the Battlefield

Report Series: Proceedings Paper

Authors: Nick Dew, Brian Hudgens

Title: The Evolving Private Military Sector: A Survey

Published: 2008-04-01

Sponsored By: Acquisition Research Program

Status: Published--Unlimited Distribution

Research Type: NPS Faculty

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Keywords: Evolving Private Military (PM) Sector


The purpose of this research is to help the US Department of Defense and other government security communities better understand the evolving PM (private military) sector (Avant, 2005; Jager & Kummel, 2007; Singer, 2003). We anticipate our readers will be government agents, members of the international community, or others who wish to make informed decisions regarding the use of PMFs. This report discusses a beginning step in establishing a long-term program of research on the PM sector at NPS. It is expected that knowledge about the sector will be built incrementally through a series of individual studies; no one study will provide a complete picture of the relevant features of the sector. However, we believe a good starting point is to develop quantitative data about the industry, which this report attempts to do. We suggest three reasons why this is an appropriate place to begin.