Defense Acquisition Management for Systems-of-systems

Report Number: NPS-AM-08-033

Series: Acquisition Management

Category: Systems-of-Systems

Report Series: Proceedings Paper

Authors: Shayani Ghose, Daniel DeLaurentis

Title: Defense Acquisition Management for Systems-of-systems

Published: 2008-04-01

Sponsored By: Acquisition Research Program

Status: Published--Unlimited Distribution

Research Type: Other Research Faculty

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Keywords: Agile Capabilities, Net-centric Operations


The Department of Defense (DoD) has placed a growing emphasis in recent years on the pursuit of agile capabilities via net-centric operations. Dramatic technological advancements in communications and sensing have generated opportunities for battlefield systems to exploit collaboration for multiple effects. In this setting, systems are expected and often required to interoperate along several dimensions. Yet, the manner in which these