Rethinking the Lease vs. Buy Decision

Report Number: UMD-AM-14-179

Series: Acquisition Management

Category: Lease

Report Series: Sponsored Report

Authors: Jacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, and John Rigilano

Title: Rethinking the Lease vs. Buy Decision

Published: 2014-07-01

Sponsored By: Acquisition Research Program

Status: Published--Unlimited Distribution

Research Type: Other Research Faculty

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Keywords: Lease, Cost, Benefit, Risk


This research examines the costs, benefits, risks, and rewards of leasing military equipment. It discusses the role that leasing plays in the private sector as well as in the DoD, both from a historic and a current perspective; examines instances in which the DoD has relied on long-term and short-term leasing with specific reference to the Navy